The Secret to a Flat Tummy


There’s one little secret to keeping those abs flat and less bloated. Every one has had that feeling after eating, where you’ve eaten your food a tad too fast and now you’re sat there feeling all gassy…and quite frankly un-sexy. Now, the secret to avoiding this feeling is not just about what you eat, but when to eat those foods.

Many people think that as long as they meet their 5 a day target and incorporate enough fruit and veg in their diet that it will help them lose weight.

Aside from the numerous positive effects in which eating fruit has on the skin, hair and the body. When you decide to eat all this fruit is the most important thing, and this big secret is the beauty of ‘food combining’.

When you effectively food combine, your fat is able to burn away properly; so you aren’t left with undigested food particles in your body.


The main thing is to realise that there are 4 different food types.

Group 1: Proteins that digest slowly (Eggs, nuts, meat, milk, poultry and cheese)

Group 2: Carbs that digest quickly (Grains, pasta, cakes, honey, potatoes, rice, sugar and sweets)

Group 3: Non-starchy vegetables that can be digested with groups 1 or 2(salads, herbs, seeds, coconut/olive oil, seasonings and spices)

Group 4: Fruit that has the fastest digestion rate


The reason why this works is because some foods are digested more quickly than others. For example, carbs need alkaline juices for digestion whereas proteins need acid digestive juices.


Fruit + Meat/Fish =Gas

Fruit by itself = No Gas


Effective food combining will help your body burn fat more effectively. It also ensures your body is maximising its absorption rate so you get the most out of that £15 spent on a small bag of goji berries in Wholefoods! Additionally, this prevents bloating and indigestion (no one finds burping sexy)!


So, to conclude, fruit should always be eaten alone or within 30 minutes before or after a meal. Your body will best absorb all the benefits from fruits if eaten in the morning and on an empty stomach. (The fastest digesting fruit of them all is the MELON, thus this should always be eaten alone or not at all)

So go on, get all OCD on your food and happy food combining!


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