Lima, Peru

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Llamas in Lima

18th February 2017

Oh South America, how I miss you! few months back I was lucky enough to be able to take a sabbatical from work and jet set around the world for a few months. Rewinding back to where it all started, Lima…


Lima is the capital of Peru and the best place to visit is Miraflores. Miraflores is a suburb of Lima and is famous for it’s beautiful parks, gardens and deep sunsets over the coast.

I stayed at the Pariwana backpackers hostel, which had a fun vibe and was super sociable! They put on social activities every night so if you’re a solo traveller like I was you’ll have no worries meeting new people. Pariwana also have a much bigger hostel in Cusco where I also stayed!

I only stayed here for one night but if you do plan on making a stop here Barranco is worth a visit just for the street graffiti and some of the best ceviche in Peru. With only a few bus stops away from Miraflores it’s super easy to get to.




Must Sees
The Love Park (El Parque del Amore) for sunset and an amazing view by the beach side. I went around the end of February and it was super hot compared to Cusco which was my next stop so do make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your trip.




Barranco City is perfect for ceviche and lunch by the beach, whilst Mr Sushi also another go to for a light lunch. The makis acevichado and baby makis are a must order!


We had dinner at a beautiful seafood restaurant by the beach called La Rosa. Slightly above the traveller’s daily budget but hey you’re only in Peru once!



Peruvian Sole

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