Best Friends

 May 8th, 2016

That’s My Bestie…

If you and your Best Friend aren’t occasionally mistaken for lesbian lovers, then you aren’t really best friends!

This post is dedicated to Yasmin; the Ying to my Yang, the black to my white, the Bill to my Ben. Six years of friendship and I can’t imagine life without you. But it’s never really been about how long we’ve known each other for. From day one we just clicked and there are some people in life that you’ll meet, and you will just vibe off each other.


It’s funny because I can probably count the number of times I see this girl a year, but true friendship is not measured by how often you see someone. Distance is not a barrier; it’s a way to make us even closer than before.


She’s such a beautiful soul, inside and out and through the hard and the good times we’ve been there for each other and that’s what’s important.

Loyalty is so hard to find these days and relationships with friends need to be valued more because they are so sacred. They can make the positive differences in your life, to bring out the best in you.

So shout out to all the besties out there…

Happy Birthday Yasmin!

K xo





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