Oka Sushi

May 27th, 2016

Oh Oka Oka

Being Asian of course it’s in my blood to love sushi. I love trying out different restaurants around London especially sushi ones. There are countless sushi places in London, but I wanted to specifically share with you all this little gem I found. On the first floor of Kingly Court in Oxford Circus is Oka. I actually love this restaurant so much not for the sushi but for the Karaange chicken and the desserts!

The atmosphere was very intimate and chilled. The restaurant is quite small with only around twelve tables so I would recommend booking in advance.


We ordered the Karaange chicken, which is basically crunchy Japanese chicken thighs. This was served with a spicy ketchup sauce. The chicken thighs were really succulent and fried in a kind of cornflake-like batter. We also had this with the prawn tempera and salmon sashimi.

13296287_10153802818258370_1294665653_nCalifornia prawn with cucumber, avocado and lime mayo coated with tobiko

13318956_10153802818228370_2008325261_nPrawn Tempura

13288846_10153802826473370_389743960_nKaraange Chicken // Salmon Sashimi


Just look how happy she is ^^

I would also recommend ordering the salmon marinated in honey soy mustard and finished with roasted cashews (need I say more)?

And of course, saved the best until last…DESSERT! This freshly baked dark couverture cookie dough was honestly the best thing that’s touched my lips in a while…

13318780_10153802818343370_186092699_nFreshly baked dark couverture cookie dough *drool*

We had it with one scoop of hazelnut ice cream and coconut ice cream on the side (just because we can 😉 )

If I’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised and definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.  If you’re in North London then there’s also an Oka in Primrose Hill and Chelsea (West).

Check out the menu here: http://www.okarestaurant.co.uk/


K xo

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