May 28th, 2016

Sketch’s Townhouse Tearoom

It was a Friday night and me and my friend had just finished dinner in Kingly Court and decided to go out for drinks after. We were walking down Conduit Street until we stumbled across a place called Sketch. Sketch is a quirky 18th-century townhouse tearoom in Mayfair that transforms into a cocktail lounge in the evenings.


They have three different bars inside so you can take your pick. They also have an exclusive Michelin star dining room known as ‘The Living Room’ (must book way in advance for a table) and a more modern European Gastro-Brasserie called ‘The Gallery”.

We just so happened to go during the Mayfair Flower show so all these flowers were beautifully arranged around the reception area.

The townhouse is immaculately designed, furnished and finished to perfection.



What was super cool however, was the bathroom. They had little egg shaped pods, very futuristic designs. And if that isn’t enough to see you could even hear birds singing in the background.





Located just a five-minute walk from Oxford Circus station, definitely worth a trip if you’re in central. Whether it’s for afternoon tea with your mother, dinner with the boyfriend or even just drinks with the girls, book in advance!

K xo

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