What are you driven by in life?

For some it may be money, fear, approval, guilt or resentment and anger.

I admit I was once driven by approval. Of course having Asian parents they always expected the best and nothing less. When I received my University bachelors degree results I remember going into the living room to tell my parents and seeing them just turn their heads from watching TV and saying well done and continuing to watch TV. It was just expected from them.

I was always trying to achieve more to impress them. I was aiming for unrealistic expectations and doing things that I wasn’t wired to do.
But what are you driven by? It’s an important question to ask yourself. There’s no doubt in saying many people are in the wrong profession. Some of us are living for others, living to fulfil a role they didn’t even audition for. Well, it’s time to get back in the director’s seat.

Of course it would be ideal to do what we love and are good at doing. Why do so many people want to escape the 9-5? Don’t get me wrong travelling is always a good idea; I say it’s a form of education. However, you must make sure it’s not a form of escapism but merely a break to gain new experiences and perspectives.

But we are all made uniquely which is why comparing will get you nowhere. So stop comparing yourself to others. If you just follow the crowd, you’ll go nowhere but get lost.
The reason why we aren’t all doing what we’re gifted to do is because of conformity and comparison. Not to mention security and other financial factors. I’m not saying to do a complete 360 and quit your jobs but we need to start living our lives for ourselves. I’m not just talking about careers and what you do to make a living but what you were made on this earth to do.

How many of you just go to work during the week, waiting and living for the weekend? For those of you that have a hobby (or two) well done! But for those who don’t it’s time to get one. Good at drawing? Join a sketching class. Good at basketball? Join a team!
So however small the next step is, figure out what it is that excites you and start spending more time doing this.

Inspired by the book Purpose-driven Life, Rick Warren

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