5 Reasons Why You Need To Travel Alone 

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetTaken in Lisbon, Portugal -blog post here

Ok so you’ve fallen in love with travelling, but have you tried doing it solo? Now has never been a better time and here are 5 reasons why…


1. You learn the need for others and therefore appreciate others. 

When I was travelling alone in South America (not the safest of continents) there were times where I needed someone to look after my bags or someone to borrow a jumper from. I didn’t have my best friend with me so I had to rely on complete strangers or people that I’d just met that night in the hostel.

To my surprise there was this kind of travelling culture where everyone is willing to help one another. Having worked in finance in London it can be quite a dog eat dog culture and I found it really refreshing travelling alone and in some parts it had restored my faith in humanity. We aren’t created and put on this earth to live for our own selfish lives. We’re programmed to want and need relationships and travelling really helps reinforce this.


2. You end up feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

Before my first solo backpacking trip I had never even been on holiday on my own – so this was a big step. I honestly can’t explain how comfortable I am within myself since coming back. You shed off a layer of self consciousness and insecurity. It’s that realisation of knowing not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you on things but who cares? Embrace your individuality!!


3. You improve your organisation and language skills. 

As I knew I had no one to rely on if I got lost or needed to ask for directions in a different language I had to organise everything myself. From budgeting to transport and accommodation there are so many things to think about and when you’re travelling alone it can be easy to forget. This is also a great point to add to your cv and mention in job interviews!


4. You meet way more different kinds of people you’d ever imagine to. 

So many more people approached me when I was travelling alone than if I was with another friend or even a boyfriend. Not saying that you shouldn’t travel with your boyfriend/best friend but generally speaking I found couples tended to keep themselves to themselves more and I don’t blame them but if you want to get to know more people from different backgrounds, cultures and paths of lives then make the first move. It will also increase your confidence by a mile too.

I remember one night meeting an American old lady at a yoga class in Peru and we ended up having dinner and chatting all evening and the next having drinks at rooftop bar with a group of Australians!


5. Your memories aren’t tainted and they’re yours to treasure forever. 

If you were to go travelling with a boyfriend and break up after, your memories would just be of him and not the good times you spend exploring new countries and living new experiences. You want the best stories you can past on to your children and grandchildren…

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