Santorini, Greece

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Little White Houses & Sunsets in Santorini


With Santorini being one of the most insta-grammed holiday spots in the last few years, of course I had to see what all the fuss was about!

Famous for it’s little white and blue houses and streets filled with jewellery shops and fish pedicure shops it’s the perfect get away for couples and families.



So you’re sold on Santorini, next problem where to stay? Here is why I think it’s better to stay in Kamari beach and not Oia (which is where everyone stays)…


  1. If you stay in Kamari, you are walking distance to the beach (need I say more)???
  2. The streets are super narrow and crowded in Oia and it’s way too busy to even relax…I mean that’s why you come on holiday right?
  3. Busier=pricier (.)
  4. Yes, you get the best sunset view from Oia (and it is meant to be the most beautiful sunset in the world) but you can easily spend a day or two in Oia during your whole trip

Ok so if I’ve sold Kamari beach to you, I would also like to recommend the hotel stayed at too.

Epvalis Hotel is located right at the top of the street along the Kamari beach strip overlooking the beach.


The staff there are so lovely, so lovely in fact I left a really sentimental necklace in the hotel room and the owner’s son drove it back to me at the airport. Now if that isn’t 5* service I don’t know what is!

The hotel has the dreamiest bedrooms, each with their own personal jacuzzi! The pool is a decent side and you won’t be fighting for space when going for a leisurely swim.




To Pinakio is the best restaurant in Kamari hands down! It’s not on the main strip and doesn’t have the sea view but the food is really authentic! Good portions and decent prices. You even get free raki, bread, olives AND dessert!

I recommend the sfouggato omelette with fried potatoes and cheese, chicken souvlaki, sausage onirologio with feta rosemary vinegar and honey and the green peppers! The bill came to approx. 40 euros for three people.

thumb_IMG_5813_1024Oh and if you haven’t tried to iced coffee in Greece yet, you’re missing out!

Elia Eatery is also a hotel and restaurant and is the ideal spot for brunch with a beautiful seaside view.


Captain’s Corner Taverna, again not on the sea front but located 5 min walk from our hotel, they serve the best lamb kleftiko and stuffed vine leaves!


For a more fancy restaurant Alismari serve really good quality food, specializing in fresh fish. However, service is quite slow. The pastry feta cheese with fig and honey and grilled sea bream is delicious!



Thalami restaurant is located right in the center of Oia and has one of the most incredible views of the little blue and white houses. The fried courgettes are my fav! Lunch for three people came to approximately 30 euros.



For the best falafel wraps and fast food prices Falafeland is a must!


Sunsets in Oia

Obviously everyone comes to Oia for the sunset so if you do plan to stay outside of Oia then here are a few travel tips…

You can take the bus to Oia from Fira which will take 20 minutes. From Kamari to Fira this will take another 20 minutes and the bus journey return will cost you 7 euros in total.


Alternatively you can rent a car but it’s more expensive to drive/park and the roads are quite hilly and narrow (make sure you’re an experienced driver)!


For the sunset I would recommend going to dine at one of the restaurants with a sunset view about an hour before the sun sets. This way you’ll get a good spot and avoid the rush as it gets PACKED, and by packed I mean SARDINE PACKED!

I also recommend not going during peak season and avoid August as this is their busiest month (I soon learnt this).



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