Selfies with Saatchi

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Living in this digital age and a growing selfie-obsessed generation there could have been no better time for this Selfie Exhibition to be held at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square, West London.


The Saatchi Gallery (also known as the world’s number 1 museum on social media) have teamed up with Huawei to present a ‘Selfie to Self-Expression’. This is the world’s first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie from the old masters to more current celebrities including Kimmy K of course.


The exhibition has super cool interactive artworks including a built-in computerized surveillance system. Whereby when you stand in front of the mirror, sensors detect the viewer’s eyes and plumes of smoke are seen to rise from them.


There’s also the Pom Pom mirror that uses a camera to track your silhouette on a wall of fluff! Now if that isn’t cool I don’t know what is???


It’s also free entry; I’d say it’s a Saturday afternoon well spent!

The Saatchi Gallery is open everyday 10am-6pm





Bala Baya

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Contempory & Creative Israeli Food

So I haven’t been to many Israeli restaurants but I’m a big fan of Lebanese and middle eastern food in general so I had to try this place. And my god, the food was divine; I think I’ve found my new favourite place to eat!

The restaurant has only been open for six months and is located right by Southwark/Waterloo station. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, Bala Baya has created a kaleidoscopic space prefect for inside and outdoor sitting.


Famous for its Israeli tapas, every single dish we ordered was a little delight. The flavors were quite unique and a lot of the dishes included ingredients such as pistachio nuts, dill and yoghurt.

The restaurant is a bakery in the afternoon and they serve this amazing pita bread with a chili and yoghurt dip for starters. Completely to die for! There is a tasting menu for £35pp but I would recommend ordering from the tapas menu so you can try a bit of everything.


We ordered the lamb and dumplings, crispy, sticky, crunchy (chicken with harissa, bitter orange and butternut squash), braised beef shoulder with crisped onions and whipped tahini, potatoes with wasabi and horseradish cream, aubergine tea with milk (this is actually grilled aubergine and yoghurt), roasted peppers and the Israeli salad with feta and dill.

Every dish was just a party in my mouth and I would recommend all eight!




For dessert, we tried all three on the menu but I think the deconstructed white chocolate cheesecake was the best and the traditional Israel cake served with plum slices is yummy.





Pergola on the Roof

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Food Pop-ups & Roof Tops

Literally what the name says, this roof top is on the top of a multi storey car park not far from the Sheppard’s Bush Westfield shopping centre.

This is the perfect place for summer hangs with your friends with a variety of restaurants to choose from including Patty and Bun and Salt ‘n’ Sauce.




We snacked on the vegan tacos and had grilled bananas with banana bread topped with pistachio nuts on fresh cream for dessert!




The Prince of Wales

 May 7th, 2016

POW Brixton Roof Terrace

A bunch of us went to the Summer Terrace Party at the Prince of Wales in Brixton this Saturday and what a way to start off the summer it was!!

The two-tier rooftop terrace and the rum shack cocktail bar paired with the sun was the perfect combination.



Disco, Funk, House and Soul Classics were at the backdrop to the sunset, led by deeper house in the night.


With a strong sound system and a heavyweight bass, the PoW wins the best rooftop bar in South London! Popular DJs at PoW include Toyboy and Robin, DJ Yoda.

K xo

Oka Sushi

May 27th, 2016

Oh Oka Oka

Being Asian of course it’s in my blood to love sushi. I love trying out different restaurants around London especially sushi ones. There are countless sushi places in London, but I wanted to specifically share with you all this little gem I found. On the first floor of Kingly Court in Oxford Circus is Oka. I actually love this restaurant so much not for the sushi but for the Karaange chicken and the desserts!

The atmosphere was very intimate and chilled. The restaurant is quite small with only around twelve tables so I would recommend booking in advance.


We ordered the Karaange chicken, which is basically crunchy Japanese chicken thighs. This was served with a spicy ketchup sauce. The chicken thighs were really succulent and fried in a kind of cornflake-like batter. We also had this with the prawn tempera and salmon sashimi.

13296287_10153802818258370_1294665653_nCalifornia prawn with cucumber, avocado and lime mayo coated with tobiko

13318956_10153802818228370_2008325261_nPrawn Tempura

13288846_10153802826473370_389743960_nKaraange Chicken // Salmon Sashimi


Just look how happy she is ^^

I would also recommend ordering the salmon marinated in honey soy mustard and finished with roasted cashews (need I say more)?

And of course, saved the best until last…DESSERT! This freshly baked dark couverture cookie dough was honestly the best thing that’s touched my lips in a while…

13318780_10153802818343370_186092699_nFreshly baked dark couverture cookie dough *drool*

We had it with one scoop of hazelnut ice cream and coconut ice cream on the side (just because we can 😉 )

If I’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised and definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.  If you’re in North London then there’s also an Oka in Primrose Hill and Chelsea (West).

Check out the menu here:


K xo


May 28th, 2016

Sketch’s Townhouse Tearoom

It was a Friday night and me and my friend had just finished dinner in Kingly Court and decided to go out for drinks after. We were walking down Conduit Street until we stumbled across a place called Sketch. Sketch is a quirky 18th-century townhouse tearoom in Mayfair that transforms into a cocktail lounge in the evenings.


They have three different bars inside so you can take your pick. They also have an exclusive Michelin star dining room known as ‘The Living Room’ (must book way in advance for a table) and a more modern European Gastro-Brasserie called ‘The Gallery”.

We just so happened to go during the Mayfair Flower show so all these flowers were beautifully arranged around the reception area.

The townhouse is immaculately designed, furnished and finished to perfection.



What was super cool however, was the bathroom. They had little egg shaped pods, very futuristic designs. And if that isn’t enough to see you could even hear birds singing in the background.





Located just a five-minute walk from Oxford Circus station, definitely worth a trip if you’re in central. Whether it’s for afternoon tea with your mother, dinner with the boyfriend or even just drinks with the girls, book in advance!

K xo

Standing Strong Solo

May 6th, 2016

Standing strong solo…

“I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful”, Frederick E. Perl

In this generation people are too fixated on looks and the superficial surface of things, what he/she is wearing, how tall they are, what hairstyle they have. When you give people the chance to be honest and feel comfortable, to open up and blossom you can reach depths within them that others don’t see.

Looks and sex are so temporary, but the vibe you radiate and the way you can make someone feel is unforgettable…

You shouldn’t want to settle. You want mind-fucking love. You want to spend all night thinking about kissing them, and when you finally get the guts to, you want to go deaf to everything but that moment.

You should be attracted to someone who is excited about you. You should want to be shown love consistently, to be shown off, celebrated and reminded of your beauty. Your presence should be craved any time you go missing. Your spirit is full in return of giving everything. The way you love should be nothing but ordinary.

You’ve got too much soul to be handled by someone who has never been passionate. You could be with anyone in the world, so why be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

There are couples out there who are together because they are too scared to be alone or don’t even know how to be alone anymore. Don’t be one of those, you deserve to be the best that you can be and you owe that to your damn self.

You should take care of yourself. Don’t spend all your time putting energy out and not saving any for yourself. In this world, it is you above anything.

K xo

Florence, Italy

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Under the Tuscan Sun


October 16th, 2016

Full of museums, gelato and pizza; this holiday was the perfect carb loving break with the girls.

If you’re not a massive museum/gallery fan then two of the must see museum’s include Academia del galleria (most famous for Michaelgo’s masterpiece: the David) and the Uffizi gallery known for Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Primavera.






13140886_10153769382423370_39849378_nCattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore 



13113889_1203748122992635_133172873_n.jpgMichaelangelo Square, Florence



For the best pizza in Florence, Gusto’s is your man. At only seven euros for a whole pizza it was definitely worth it (however, there is usually a small wait for a table)


We had booked to go to the top restaurant in Florence on our last night. La Bottega, the Michelin Star restaurant was quite the experience. With a limited number of tables, it definitely gave an exclusive vibe (must book in advance).

The interior is in a classic Florentine style combined with the very finest elements of both classic and contemporary design. Overlooking the famous River Arno, this is the perfect venue for a special occasion.

The service was amazing; the waiters were very attentive and friendly. The food was outstanding, with each dish really tingling your taste buds. They have a seasonal menu, which is designed to reflect the local fresh supplies in the Florentine Location. The chef had even given us complimentary tasters to try whilst waiting for our mains.  All in all I think we had around six courses!




Florence’s little secret…
My favourite part of the trip was in Fiesole.  Not many people know about this place but we had found this spot up in the mountains overlooking the whole of Florence. The view was truly beautiful. You can get there easily by bus from the town centre.







Ciao Italy, it was a pleasure!

K xo

Pisa, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

October 14th, 2016

October is a quiet month; nothing is really going on, summer is over and you’re in that lingering stage between Autumn and Christmas. So to spice things up; the girls and I decided on a last minute get away in Europe. After much discussion over sushi and green tea, Italy was our first choice.

So our first stop was Pisa. We only stayed there for one night because it’s such a small town. We had stumbled across this small independent family-owned seafood restaurant called Nando, in the middle of Pisa (about a 15 minute walk from the leaning tower). With homemade pasta and fresh seafood-you can’t really go wrong. It was all relatively cheap too with each dish costing around a tenner each.

The next morning we woke up at the crack of dawn to visit the Tower of Pisa-which was a lot smaller than I thought! Got there, took some touristy snaps (like true Asians), faffed around for an hour and then decided it was time for food!




My friends are so asian…13220079_10153772870983370_786923693_n

Pisa itself was really small and quiet. If I’m honest, the nightlife is not great; it was very much a relaxing, historic cultured kind of holiday. Perfect for couples who want to get away for a romantic weekend.






So next stop: Florence! We took the train from Pisa stopping off in Luca for a couple of hours.

Mykonos, Greece

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Little White Streets in Dreamy Mykonos 

July 23rd, 2016


After five solid weeks of continuous revision, I had finally finished my finals and there was no excuse not to jump straight on the plane to get some vitamin D. With its clear blue skies and beautiful white washed buildings Mykonos is the place to be this summer!

We stayed at the Corfos Hotel, which was about a ten minute drive from the airport. Everything in Mykonos is so close but because there are only 30 taxis on the whole island, I would strongly recommend renting out a car, scooter or quad bikes because it’s extremely hard to get around. There are buses, but they’re often unreliable and don’t arrive on time.

The hotel we stayed at was in Ornos, which was a two-minute walk from Ornos beach (very chilled and relaxed). If you prefer more of a party beach I would recommend Paraga or Psarou beach. The hotel was beautiful, with cute little igloo like rooms, amazing double beds perfect for sunbathing and a chilled sofa lounge area.








We landed quite late so didn’t venture out far for dinner and stumbled across this restaurant on Ornos beach. The extra virgin olive oil is so fresh and the balsamic vinegar is so aged it tastes incredible dipped in sourdough bread. I have also developed a strong love for olives since my visit to Greece.

For mains we shared the grilled chicken leg souvlaki with paprika and tarragon and a traditional Greek dish, Moussaka with some French fries on the side (honestly, the best fries I’ve ever had, a must try). Post dinner, the waiter bought us the bill coupled with classic ouzo shots, a warm welcome to Mykonos…


This place is amazing, definitely worth a visit if ever in Mykonos. We went for lunch on a Sunday, which just so happened to be the best day to go (Sunday and Thursdays). The food here was incredible, a little pricey but so worth the quality.

For starters we had the tzatziki with avocado. For mains I ordered the lamb rash el hanout, which came with yoghurt, baked tomatoes and roman lettuce. The lamb was cooked to perfection where the meat fell straight off the bones. The sea urchin salad came with lemon and fresh olive oil. After lunch this place started to get a lot livelier, with the DJ playing tunes into the night and views overlooking Paraga and Kavos lagoons. Similar to Nammos but Scorpio’s definitely has better views!










Famous for its white stairs and cute Mykonian streets, the Little Venice is the town centre of Mykonos. For lunch we ate at ‘Nice and Easy’, which was an organic restaurant specialising in seafood. Need I say more? We shared the octopus and chicken salad with cashew nuts soaked in orange.







When in Greece of course you have to try gyros. The traditional pita bread wrapped in meat and chips with yoghurt and slices of tomatoes is too good to miss.



Hidden in the narrow streets of Mykonos old town, we stumbled across this little pasta restaurant. The staff there were so friendly and attentive. We shared the bread and Greek salad. I had the linguini with scallops cooked in a white garlic sauce whilst Cherise had the seafood tomato linguini. Perfect if you love fresh hand made pasta (I mean, who doesn’t?). We had planned to have crepes and Greek frozen yoghurt for dessert but after dinner here there was just no space!





The iced coffees are a must when in Mykonos, nothing compared to Starbucks!

Another thing to note before going is that it is extremely WINDY! Make sure you continue to top up on the SPF as the sun can be very deceiving. Mykonos is perfect for an authentic sun-filled getaway!









Amazing company and exploring, five days away and a thousand memories. Little breaks are the best and I can’t wait for the next adventure…

Much love, K xo